"I come from a family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. I will work tirelessly for you and continue to bring your issues forward as we work together to find solutions and get things done in the Pulaski community we call home.  Please take the time to read some of the areas below that I will work on and ask for your support and input on.  Thank you!"

Education is a very important priority in our community.  I supported the new Middle School project and will continue to do so as it is being built.   We must also look at ongoing funding for our schools with priority towards being fiscally responsible.   I will work towards:

  • The safety and security of all children.

  • Adequate resources are available for each child's needs and abilities.

  • Graduating students are prepared for today's academic and career challenges and have a chance for a secondary education.

  • Investment in our educators, while enforcing efficiency in county finances.

Early Education

Early Childhood Education is important to our community.  Pulaski County is known as a "childcare desert" in the New River Valley with only 8.55% of children under 6 having full-time licensed childcare (this is compared to 21.44% in Montgomery County, 13.7% in Floyd, 34.86% in Radford).  I am currently working with the Calfee Training School project to expand childcare services in our area, and will continue to support these efforts as we go forward.  We cannot afford to leave even one child behind in preparing them for school.

Workforce Development

We need to continue to grow our economic workforce in Pulaski County.  I believe that in addition to manufacturing jobs, we also need to focus on continued job creation in the areas of Information Technology, Healthcare and Management positions to grow our level of services in the community.  I also believe that the ACCE program for our high schoolers is important and can be done through exploring matching grants and county appropriations. 


In Pulaski County, we have wonderful natural and man-made resources at our fingertips.   This includes Claytor Lake, Gatewood, Peak Creek and the New River.   These resources are also important in bringing in tourism and boosting our economy.  I feel it is important to focus on these resources and ensure that they will be with us through a sustainability plan for the future.   I will work with various agencies in the community to ensure that we are taking care of our environment and its plan for the future.


As the Director of the Pulaski YMCA, health and well-being is very important to me.   I want to continue to see our residents (both young and old) have the opportunity to exercise and increase their fitness at whatever level they can.  I will actively seek ways to expand our recreational opportunities in the County and will work with the community to hear what they want to see in a recreation facility for the future. 


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